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This 4 week training program was designed for beginners looking to incorporate high-volume training, increased intensity and workout splits to help achieve that goal of slowly building your body up to take on more challenging workout routines.

This workout will:

    •    Improve and increase your joints’ range of motion

    •    Improve your joints’ stability

    •    Strengthen your core muscles

    •    Develop a consistent level of cardio.



1. Should I eat in a caloric deficit, maintenance or surplus while completing this program? 

a. Eating in a slight caloric surplus will yield the best results and best recovery in terms of gaining muscle, however, if your goal is fat loss, eating in a caloric deficit will be


2. I am not getting sore, is the program working for me?

a. Muscle soreness is not required for hypertrophy. Reduced soreness overtime indicates that your body is sucessfully adapting and recovering.


3. Why isn't there much exercise variation from week to week?
a. Changing exercises from week to week is more likely to flatten out the strength progression curve.

4. Why are there blank boxes on each program?

a. They are for you to track your weight and make notes to track progression. Your weight should slightly increase each week.


5. What do I do when I finish the program?
a. You have the option of running back through this program or reach out to me for a new custom program.


This program was designed by Jayden Carson, Certified Personal Training Specialist. Connect with Jayd on Instagram @trainwithjayd or email her at

4 Week Beginners Workout Guide

  • This Guide is in the form of a pdf in which you can save directly to your phone, tablet or computer! Customers will receive links to download their digital products in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

    Print it off and fill out your guide each week to get the most out of your workouts!

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