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The Menstrual Course

The online 6 week course that teaches you how to live in-sync with your cycle.

Enrolment is OPENS July, 1st & closes Sunday, July, 7th at Midnight.


Created & Presented by
Dr. Brittany Wickert, Dr. Ac., D.TCM

I created The Menstrual Course because for YEARS I used to suffer from debilitating menstrual cramps. When I asked for help I felt UNHEARD, UNSEEN & completely dismissed by my family doctor. I was also was angry about the lack of education women & girls receive about their menstrual & ovulatory cycles. I was frustrated with the disservice to women that is the public school system’s sex ed course. I was angry at our society for making my female patients feel embarrassed that they didn’t know their own female anatomy.


I was also excited to empower women on how to understand their cycle to reduce common but not normal symptoms like: painful or irregular periods, hormonal acne, decreased libido, fatigue, bloating, headaches, cramps and more. It’s time to reclaim your connection to your menstrual cycle & I can’t wait to walk with you through this journey and share with you the knowledge I have gained through my years of postsecondary education, clinical experience & my personal life that have completely transformed my menstrual cycle for the better.


If you want to have better periods, better sleep, better digestion without debilitating cramps, insomnia & bloating, be sure to join us in The Menstrual Course! I can't wait to see you inside.

~Dr. Brittany

The Menstrual Course

Deepen your connection to your inner seasons & wisdom within.

Black Tea

"What does The Menstrual Course include?"

When you join The Menstrual Course, you get:

  • TCM Foundations: a full module & lessons on TCM foundational theories & concepts valued at $550.00

  • Your Moon Cycle: a full module & lessons on TCM + the menstrual cycle & hormones valued at $800.00

  • The Blood Phase, The Yin Phase, The Qi Phase, The Yang Phase: 4 separate in-depth modules with lessons on each phase of your cycle, hormones, movement, rituals, recipes & more valued at $2000.00

  • The Nervous System & the Polyvagal Theory: what is it? How to stimulate the parasympathetic response & more valued at $500.00

  • TCM Nutrition: in depth lessons on how to use foods as medicine for each phase of your cycle valued at $1000.00

  • TCM Herbalism: in depth lessons on TCM & western herbs and how to use them to support your cycle valued at $1000.00

  • BBT Tracking Guide e-book valued at $20.00

  • Yoga & Qi Gong video practices led by Dr. Brittany valued at $300.00

  • Meditation & Yoga Nidra practices led by Dr. Brittany valued at $300.00

  • Breast Health Lesson; anatomy & physiology, TCM, breast massage, herbs & acupressure valued at $250.00

  • Gua Sha Lesson; how to practice facial & body gua sha on yourself valued at $300.00

  • The Menstrual Cycle Course Club; access to an exclusive facebook group where you have direct access to Dr. Brittany’s support during your learning valued at $1500.00

  • Nourishing Your Cycle with TCM Herbalism e-book: valued at $80.00

  • Nourishing Your Cycle with TCM Nutrition e-book: valued at $80.00

  • Worksheets, Guides, Videos, Audio recordings & e-books valued at $400.00

  • Email support: regular check-in emails + an opportunity for you to ask 1:1 questions directly to Dr. Brittany valued at $500.00


Total Value: $9580.00

Your price: $925.00  Next Enrolment OPENS July, 1st 2024 & CLOSES July, 7th, 2024

After payment you will receive same day access!! We can't wait to see you inside!

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Enrol in The Menstrual Course now

Q & A

Question: "Do I need to have any prerequisite training or certain knowledge to enroll?"

Answer: Not at all! The Menstrual Course is for any & all women looking to gain a deeper connection & understanding for their cycle & build an attunement to this. So whether you have no knowledge on the menstrual cycle, hormones etc or you are a health care provider & you work in women’s health you will deepen your knowledge & feel more in sync with your mind, body & soul once completing The Menstrual Course.

Enrol in The Menstrual Course now

Brianne, The Menstrual Course Student

“I'm really drawn to the herbalism aspect in working with your cycle. I really like the nutrition & herbalism ebooks in this course. It will be a great reference in years to come!”

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