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"Remember to always trust in the intuition & wisdom of your mind and body."



-Brittany Carson

Founder of Mama Bear Yoga


A word from our Mama Bears...



I thoroughly enjoyed Brittany’s Prenatal Yoga class. Her soft nature creates a calming atmosphere for the whole room. She gives concise instructions that are easy to follow even for a beginniner.


This class is easy to follow and flows smoothly from position to position. 


Brittany with Mama Bear Yoga is one of the best instructors I've ever had. Her voice takes me to another dimension, where I forget about everything else going on and I am able to focus on myself.

Both her Mindful Mama Yoga, and Yoga Nidra classes are beneficial if you are wanting to better yourself as a individual and a parent!


I had the amazing opportunity to purchase a Yoga Nidra Recording from Brittany. It has not only made my anxiety take ease but has helped with sleep.


After having my daughter in 2017 I found myself exhausted trying to keep up and not getting enough rest. I was telling Brittany how I was feeling and she invited me to one of her Yoga Nidra classes, I knew that I needed it but was unable to attend the class as the schedule conflicted with my daughter’s bed time. Knowing or maybe even seeing how tired I was as a new mom she offered to record herself so I could practice at home.


Since purchasing the recording I have gotten rest like never before and a sense of relaxation I never knew existed. Brittany’s calm and caring voice will take you to the most relaxing state you have ever experienced.


Thank you for bringing me sleep Brittany.


Mama Bear Yoga Nidra was incredible and exceeded my expectations!


The class was beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. Britt was soothing and lead the class with ease and she has such a calmness about her.


It was very easy for me to let go and be vulnerable and fully immerse myself in the class and give into the experience fully. I loved it and highly recommended it.


The Meditating Mama Bears Workshop was such a lovely environment. 

Thanks for creating this space and welcoming me into it, much love & respect!

Thank you!

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